You may or may not know No Panic does workshops for schools, workplaces and other organisations. We have a fairly set workshop now; which we did a YouTube video of a shortened version. You can see the YouTube video in our videos sections or on the sidebar widgets. These workshops generally last about an hour.

The Workshop Content

We start off by talking about No Panic. Where we came from, Where we are now, What we do, The services we have, Why we do it and finally for that part Mark introduces himself, mentions his own anxiety and sets the group up for the main content of the session.

The next part of the session is on neuroses or anxiety disorders as a whole, it includes a basic explanation of anxiety, an explanation of specific phobias, an explanation of obsessive compulsive disorder and an explanation of what a panic attack is and a brief mention of panic disorder.

In the next part we move on to provided handouts, where we actually do the muscle relaxation technique and then learn the diaphragmatic breathing. We also look at handling other’s feelings.

We then move on to a basic explanation of cognitive behavioural therapy with the aid of a diagram and the spider example. We talk through the basics of how the four parts of the diagram and CBT interact with each other and how the influence of each one is key for the others. Then we look at how you can alter one of them to help alter the others. Using again the spider example to work through the system. We also then speak briefly about brain language and how using different terms or positive words affects how we think. For example, using please walk on the pavement instead of please do not walk on the grass.

Then we speak about diet and exercise and how they affect anxiety. We then mention the doctor, and the options they may be able to help with to which we follow up with a reminder that No Panic is here to help as well. The session then ends with a question and answer session and if there time an interest a basic version of Mark’s story with anxiety.

Booking a Workshop

If you’d be interesting in having a workshop for your school or organisation or you have another event in mind please contact us. We’ll be our best to accommodate your needs. You will need to email or speak to Mark the Ambassador. Mark’s Email address is or you can phone him at the office on 01952 680460

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