No Panic Workshop Reviews

Gill Holloway – Telford Jobcentre Plus

Review of holding No Panic Workshops at Telford JCP:

We have now held numerous Information Sessions/Workshops at Telford JCP and have plans to continue with these on a monthly basis. There are normally 15 places made available to comply with our health & safety policy for using a private room. This has been essential as Mark has used a power point presentation and delivered breathing & relaxation techniques which the customers are invited to do and must therefore not be interrupted. Generally not all the customers that have been booked, attend. When asked later by their Work Coaches, the customers have generally said that they just couldn’t do it that day. Many have however, re-booked and been on another occasion. We have asked virtually all the customers to provide feedback on their session and all have been positive. Comments have varied from ‘found it very interesting’ to ‘really identified with the talk’. Several customers have been able to verbally participate which has helped those feeling much more anxious and unable to talk in the group.

Providing written information to take away has been very helpful to back up what Mark has spoken about and allow the customer to practice the techniques and have access to the service in a variety of ways.

This service has been very valuable to help support our customers. We are now seeing many more customers with anxiety related issues, either as their main health issue or as an addition to another health condition. Our aim is to help prepare the customer in order that they can become more ready to access the next step, whether this is a work related activity or improving their socialisation and management of day to day activities.

Sadly there has had to be a gap whilst we are having some building work done and are unable to use the private room usually designated for it. Hopefully we will be able to resume the sessions mid December. I have been asked for the next date several times so I know we have customers waiting.

Amy Jones – Student support Team Meole Brace School Science College

We found the workshops informative and valuable. Your personal experience was really valuable and students really appreciated your honesty. Our mental health practitioner in School has gone on to promote your service through her work at CAMHS.