Thinking too much.

Thinking is part of everyday life. Most of the time we don’t pay much attention to it, we just do it. But what happens when we think too much? How do we know when we are thinking too much?

Well a clue is; If you are thinking the same thing over and over again (rumination) or if questions are persistently rolling around in your mind and you are not coming up with any answers or if you repeatedly put yourself down and concentrate on your failings and mistakes, you are thinking too much.

Research has proven that thinking in these ways can lead to depression and bring on anxiety. “Why me?”, “Why do I have problems other people don’t have?”, “Why do I feel so bad?”, “Why am I always ill?”, “Why can’t I get better?” “I am a terrible person”, “I hate myself”. These are all prime examples. Rumination is known to worsen moods and promotes negative thinking.

So why do we do it? Well in most cases it has become a habit.

What can we do about it? Well the habit needs to be broken.

You need to change the way you think. Instead of letting these thoughts free to wander around, write them down on paper. Look at the problem in black and white and see if there is an answer. Write away. This is a way of getting the thoughts out of your head. If the thoughts come back, pick up the paper again. You have already analysed the thoughts, what is the point of doing it again?

The next time that your brain seems to be on overtime, say out loud ‘STOP’ and change what you are doing. Focus on the positive things in your life, your family or friends, your home or your garden.  Anything that makes you feels good.

Another tool is to concentrate on the here and now. Worrying about what might happen in the future usually turns out to be a complete waste of time and the past cannot be altered, just learnt from.   So look at today and what you can do to make this minute the best you can.

Stop thinking and start doing!   Where has thinking too much got you in the past? Does it achieve anything?  Does it make you feel good?  No is the answer. Take steps to change the way you think and start taking control. If there are things you don’t like in life, make changes. If you can’t change them change the way you think about them.

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8 Responses to “Thinking too much.”

  1. Nice writing ! ! You really got the point . Maybe that solution can really help us , thanks !

  2. This good site . But just wish new how stop racing thoughts ine after nother I get not got time write down .. makes feel out contol . Do this site’s help me load it’s best thanks

  3. Something which I have found useful to do when I am having repetitive and intrusive thoughts is to name it as “Thought”. This reminds me that it is a thought and not a truth and my mind can think anything. I do not find thought stopping useful. I prefer a more mindful approach to noticing it simply as a thought and also notice what feeling it brings.

  4. Thank you for the post. I often think too much when I feel life is too hard, not frequently. I will follow the advice. I always try to find something which is positive in every situation. There are many helpful article in your site. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Love this site very helpful hate thoughts as well more there all day long every day scareing x

  6. Wish stop the racing thoughts as well makes me ill ..wish new cope with them can be scarring as mind want velite you are fine nothing wrong only anxiety well be not others think but good read about good post . .

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