The Worrinots is a ground breaking, award winning app which allows children to share their worries and fears in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

The app features engaging characters, Rip, Stomp, Shakey and Chomp – who through fun and encouragement, enable children to share their worries and concerns. The Worrinots exist to urge children to speak out and manage their emotions and feelings whilst being exposed in a fun way to coping mechanisms.

The four fun characters, each with their own individual personalities and guidance styles, ‘respond’ to the children, with instructions of next steps or follow up whilst whilst ‘ripping up’, ‘chewing’ and ‘stomping on their worries!’. These character conversations are managed by a unique dual platform whereby the Worrinots App is downloaded in two parts – one which is managed by the parent / guardian and the other which is to be put in kids’ hands as a fun app.

Co-creator Tracy Gladman, has spent 20 years in education and has a real passion for working with and in the interests of, child wellbeing. She has left her teaching career to manage the Worrinots full time. The Worrinots team have worked closely with child psychologists to develop the app ensuring complete safety, security and effectiveness.

The app has been cleverly constructed to offer both a safe and fun environment for kids and complete security for parents and carers meeting a very real need of ensuring the happiness and the wellbeing of children. Within the platform are ‘worri-tips’ which provide expert advice about sharing problems and hints and tips for managing concerns however big or small. These age appropriate tips can be ‘switched on or off’ allowing for relevant content depending on the child’s needs. The typical age of active users is children 4 – 12 years and their families and carers, however the app has been designed to flex and suit children of a slightly older age, to cater for those with learning difficulties or even Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Tracy Gladman, Director comments, “It is widely documented that adults with mental health issues are likely to have already experienced mental health problems in their childhood, half before the age of 14. We must give children as many opportunities as possible to be able to speak openly about how they feel, what makes them feel good and not so good. We need to educate children about the language of feelings and emotions and the Worrinots perfectly meets those needs.’”

In a world where unfiltered and often dangerous information is available to children at the click of a mouse, the team behind The Worrinots recognised a gap in the market to create a safe and friendly environment where children can share their worries, fears and anxieties and receive real time advice and help on how to deal with them.
The primary aim of The Worrinots is to provide children with a platform that they can use to communicate their worries, fears and anxieties. The Worrinots application and characters have been developed with the help of some of the UK’s leading child psychologists to encourage children to share their concerns and deal with them appropriately.

The Worrinots won the UK App Award 2017 and is accredited by Orcha, the organisation for the review of care and health applications
Tracy is available for interview, features and opinion pieces. If you are interested in receiving a code to download the app free of charge, please contact the PR contact below.

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