You can reach the No Panic helpline by calling:
0844 967 4848

The No Panic Helpline operates between 10am and 10pm every day of the year. It is staffed by trained volunteers.

During the night hours the crisis message is played. The crisis message is a recorded breathing exercise that can help you through a panic attack and help you learn diaphragmatic breathing. You can also access the crisis message 24hrs a day by calling 01952 680835

The helpline is busiest during the first hour of each shift and the last hour of the last shift of night.

084X Numbers & Their Costs
The helpline number is 0844 967 4848. This is one of what the telephone providers call an 084X service. This means that they charge you for using them. Since 1st July 2015 how this charge is calculated has changed. The full amount you get charged is broken down into two parts. The first is the service charge and the second is the access charge.
Total Charge per Minute = Service Charge + Access Charge

The Service Charge
The service charge is set up when a phone number is chosen. This includes the costs of the telephone network that provides the phone number to the organisation & any other charges. The Service charge for No Panic’s helpline is 5 pence per minute. The 5 pence per minute is the amount that the telephone exchange charges No Panic for the phone number. This means the service charge you pay as a caller allows the number to exist.

The Access Charge
The access charge on the other hand is charged to you by your own telephone company. They charge you this for phoning a non-geographic phone number that is part of the 084X numbers. The only people who set and control these charges are the phone companies like BT, Virgin Media and Vodafone to name a few. These companies should have made you aware of this before the 1st July 2015.

Mobile phones generally have a higher access charge than landline telephones. You need to contact your telephone provider for the most up to date information on the access charges.

The below information on access charges was correct as of 14th August 2017
BT – 12p
BT Mobile – 30p
Virgin Media – 11.25p
Virgin Mobile – 50p
Sky – 11.5p
Plus Net – 9.58p
Giff Gaff – 25p
Tesco Mobile – 25p
O2 – 55p
3 – 45p
EE, Orange, T Mobile: Mobile – 50p
EE, Orange, T Mobile: Home – 11p
Vodafone – 55p

Please be aware that the majority of your bill for calling the helpline or any such helpline is controlled by your telephone company. While we sympathise with any person who experiences high telephone bills we are unable to do more than give you the information provided in this page.

International Callers
International call charges to these types of numbers are high, we believe you will pay the service charge and an access charge in addition to your international calling rate. There may be other charges we are unaware of so please contact your phone provider to confirm if you have any concerns.