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Live Chat

No Panic has a Live Chat service on our website. When the button in the bottom right is grey it’s offline. When it’s Yellow you can speak to someone. When it’s offline you can leave a message and we’ll email you back.

All you have to do is click the button, fill in a short form and then you can instant message with someone from No Panic. Normal opening times where an operator is available are below.

  • Between 6pm & 7pm each evening
  • Between 5pm & 6pm Tuesdays
  • Between 2pm & 4pm Wednesdays
  • Between 2pm & 4pm Thursdays


You can tweet @charitynopanic for short bits of advice and information; also follow for daily tips and informative links.


The Facebook page at answers messages for support and advice and also gives out the latest information and publicity opportunities available from No Panic.

Our Peer support Facebook group can be found at; this group is closed and moderated for your privacy and safety.

Our member’s only Facebook group is where to find our Access Anxiety Aid service.

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