The Self Helper Application

Last Friday No Panic launched it’s Self Helper for Desktop and we’ve had nearly 100 downloads of it since then. The app itself has been in development for about a month and includes our Crisis Message, The Body Scan Relaxation, the written Relaxation Technique, the beginners guide to anxiety, the symptom checker and our contact details. This app works offline as no internet connection is required. The only requirement is Java. We’re keen to promote this as it covers all of the first steps to help a person recover.

No Panic’s Self Helper


No Panic believes that help should always be close at hand and where better than on your computer and smart phone? So we set out to bring an application that gives you the tools you require to help yourself immediately. The basic first steps to recovery are taught by No Panic on our helpline, our recovery groups, in our one to one mentoring sessions and in our talks to organisations and schools at the current time. But now we can bring those to you inside your own home and help you as soon as we can. Our android version is on it’s way, it’s taking a little more time to develope than the computer version.

The Techy Bit

This is for those that are interested in what we can release about the technical side of the application. The application is written in the Java language using JavaFX which means it runs on a Java Virtual machine. It’s then processed through scripts into an application so that you get the applications output running without any unnecessary command prompt windows.

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