If you are thinking of self harm and suicide No Panic would encourage you to get help with your anxiety disorders or neuroses that are triggering this. If you need to talk to someone about suicidal thoughts you can call the Samaritans who are specially trained in talking to people experiencing the urges and thoughts to commit suicide. Their freephone number is 116 123.

If you are experiencing urges to self harm we would encourage you to talk about why you want to do that and do a relaxation technique as you will likely be in a state of high anxiety when you want to do that and the relaxation will reduce that anxiety.

If you are looking for more information on either of these topics No Panic recommends that you look into a booklet written by Dr Khadija Rouf called Keep Safe & Carry on Coping with Suicidal Feelings. You can get this booklet from the Oxford Cognitive Therapies Centre’s Website Shop.

If you are a carer or loved one of a person who self harms, when such an event does occur the best thing to do is help them clean themselves up and get any immediate medical help for any wounds that is required. Right after the event it is best not to question or get angry with the sufferer, just stay calm help them clean up and give them any reassurance they need. You can look at any help they require for their particular problems in the times afterwards.

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