Founder, Champs Consulting

Ruth is the Founder of Champs, the wellbeing consultancy. She is a passionate hands-on wellbeing specialist focused on practical outcomes. A Mental Health First Aider, she has supported over 500 individuals on a voluntary basis. Ruth has personal lived experience of Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder throughout her corporate business career, which fueled her passion of starting Champs. Since 2015 she has been on a journey of recovery and appreciates the struggles of dealing with daily life whilst trying to maintain positive mental health.

Ruth created Champs to help and support global organisations along their wellbeing journey by enabling them to ingrain a culture of positive mental health for their employees. Ruth does this through facilitating Mental Health First Aid training, ‘Stress-Free Living’ workshops, events and holistic consultancy projects. The organisations that Champs has partnered with is extremely broad and includes Zurich Insurance, NHS, PwC, BLP LLP, Lloyd’s of London, Manchester United F.C. and London South Bank University.

Ruth is a respected thought leader, from publishing articles on positive mental wellbeing in the workplace and speaking at roundtable events, including the House of Lords and ACAS. Ruth regularly delivers keynotes in the corporate environment to encourage further engagement on the discussion of our mental health at work.

A huge advocate for developing the next generation, Ruth has worked with almost 400 young teenage girls as part of the #ThisGirlCan programme for the Erewash School Sports Partnership. As a former exercise instructor and marathon runner, Ruth educates younger people of the importance in building an active body and mind, to enhance and protect our positive mental wellbeing.
Ruth supports No Panic as she wants people to know they do not have to feel alone whilst living with anxiety and that there is professional help and support out there for them to access.

Anxiety and anxiety disorders, are often seen by many at the more acceptable end of the spectrum of mental ill health conditions. For those of us who live with these mental health conditions they can be hugely debilitating and life changing. It is time to change the perception of anxiety, to ensure the conversations happen and those who need support know where to go and access the right treatment quickly.