Rodger’s Story Hoarding

Roger’s story began some 12 years ago when he was in his late teens.

He began to take a keen interest in the news and would read the newspaper from cover to cover, with the intention of being “well informed”, which was important to his job. If he couldn’t finish the newspaper each morning, before he went to work, he would keep it to read in the evening. He wasn’t particularly worried about this even though sometimes, it meant sitting up half the night, it was just part of the job. However, he began to feel a little unsure as to exactly what he had read so he started to hang on to old copies, just in case. Slowly but surely his bedroom began to fill up. He started to “read” labels on cans and packets and to keep the labels just in case he had missed some important information. The rest of the story is all too plain, slowly his whole house filled up with newspapers, labels, tins and packets. He just couldn’t bear to throw anything way, just in case.

Eventually Roger told his doctor about the problem and the anxiety it caused him. Although the doctor was not very familiar with O.C.D., he did have some useful literature. Via this literature Roger got in touch with a local self-help group and with their support is following a programme of behaviour therapy and has recently started throwing a few things away. He knows it is a long, hard road but, having started, he feels confident that he can make a full recovery.

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