Publicity Opportunities

From time to time No Panic receives requests from the press for people to share their stories and raise awareness in print, on the radio and on the television. If you would like to get involved with any of these fantastic opportunities below please follow the instructions.

Laura from Birmingham is looking for local sufferers of OCD who are willing to be in a documentary. If you willing to participate or would like more information please let either Lynne on or Mark on know.

Good Housekeeping is looking for women aged 35+ to talk about how they have overcome mental health problems – depression, anxiety, OCD etc.
It would involve a phone interview and photo shoot in London – expenses covered.
Please email story plus pic to
This publicity opportunity expires 27th september 2017

Hello! Our names are India and Tom. We’re producers at the BBC.
For a new Facebook series by BBC Stories, we’re looking to speak to people who would be up for answering in brief some simple questions for us, recording themselves on their phone, about various topics. We’ve got a list of topics and questions covering things like relationships, work/employment. If you’re interested in helping us please get in touch and we can discuss it further – we’d love to hear from you!
If the films are used they will be on BBC Stories on Facebook, YouTube and the BBC Website. Unfortunately we cannot include everyone or guarantee your selfie films will be used.
BBC Stories:

BBC1 is making a new series looking at children’s health conditions including Asthma, Sleep Disorders and Cow’s Milk Allergy, one of the conditions we’re really keen to examine is Depression.

Not only is this a stigmatized condition but it is highly complex; we’d like to talk to as many families as possible to get a really good idea of how they treat the condition with both medication and therapeutic methods as well as how they obtained the initial diagnosis.

If you’d be interested in sharing your story with the team please get in touch on for a no obligation chat.

Rosie is doing some research on Morphing Fears and would like an sufferer of that experiences morphing fears to complete her survey. Morphing Fears are where the sufferer has a fear of morphing into someone else by acquiring that person’s unwanted traits and characteristics and has been postulated to be a subtype of mental contamination. Morphing Fears comes under the OCD category of disorders. You can find the survey here:

Robots Saved My Life by the BBC
This is a programme exploring how technology can turn someone’s life around. for on of their programmes they want to explore how virtual reality could be used in treating phobias and social anxiety. So they are looking for a person who is available between 29th May and 9th of june for filming and who is willing to talk about their personal experience of anxiety and would be open to trying alternate forms of therapy. If your interested please contact our publicity officer Lynne frederick on

A research group at the IoPPN, King’s College London is dedicated to understanding more about how we can promote better mental well-being in sexual and gender minorities. I am looking to recruit LGBT+ students in the UK to take part in an online survey.

The project will involve LGBT+ students completing questionnaires about their sexuality, gender identity, beliefs, thinking patterns, coping strategies and stress levels at 3 time points (1 month apart). Participation will take approximately 30 minutes at each time point. We will send participants reminders to complete the survey at each time point.

For more information please visit the website:

ITV Wales and S4C are looking for OCD sufferers under the age of 30 to speak to for an upcoming TV programme. It would be an advantage if you spoke some welsh. If you’re interested please get in touch with No Panic’s office on

Naomi from the BBC is doing a photo story on Mental Health. Where she wants to tell the story through pictures of objects that bring people comfort. You can be anonymous but your comforting objects would be photographed. If you’d be willing to take part or would like to talk about this opportunity further please email our publicity officer

Sophie from Nottingham Trent University is doing a study on the impact of an anxiety disorder diagnosis on the stigma surrounding the issue. Through a survey she is hoping to anonymously show the relationship between the stigma of GAD and diagnosis. If you’d like to participate in this study then you can do so by following this link:

Katie from the Daily Mail is writing a feature on extreme phobias and would like to talk to people who both suffer from and have recovered from their phobia. She would like to speak to people with a wide variety of phobias from the most common types to the more uncommon types. If you’d like to take part please contact our publicity officer by email on

Luc from the Airport Parking Shop is looking to do an article about the experiences and attitudes that people with a mental illness and their companions face when travelling either domestically or internationally. To help him do that he would like to hear your stories anonymously about your domestic and international travel through his survey here:

Mosaic Films are looking for boys/ young men aged 11-16 who’ve experienced panic attacks to participate in an animated documentary for the BBC. Anyone who takes part would remain anonymous. You will not be filmed. Instead we will record your voice to create an animated character. The films will be used in schools and by organisations all over the UK to promote understanding of the pressures young people face.

If you think you or someone you know might be interested in taking part, please call Anita on: 0207 923 2994, or write to

Study title: Evaluating the Effects of Mindfulness on Daytime Thoughts and Worries ERGO Study ID: 23141 Recruitment dates: 01/09/2016 – 1/04/17
Researcher: Liam Williams (Trainee Clinical Psychologist)

Do you think that you worry too much? Would you like to learn techniques that might help reduce worry?
If so, we would like to invite you take part in a new research project that will test whether different psychological exercises can help reduce daytime worry and distraction. For more information about the study and the potential benefits of taking part please follow the link to our website:

This Time Next Year

‘This Time Next Year’ is a show presented by Davina McCall and based on people making a pledge to the nation about what they would like to achieve in one year. We follow peoples’ journeys throughout the year to see their progress and – hopefully – see them fulfilling their goal and ambition.

This year we would very much like to meet people who are living with a phobia or OCD and who want to try to overcome this in some way over the next year. If you are interested you can find the application website here: