Poem: Love yourself by Nick

For the sake of ones’ mental health
You need to learn to love yourself.
To resolve and reform your life
Assert a will upon your psych,
We all of us have our flaws
I know mine – what’s yours.

Love yourself, really please do,
Else, don’t expect others to.
Be yourself – you are unique
Love yourself – you’re not a freak.
Maybe you’re gentle, perhaps a loner’
Trust yourself, don’t need another persona.

Life can be very curious,
Doesn’t have to be so serious.
Ignore the dark corners of your mind,
Leave those worried thoughts behind.
Alienate the negatives,
Accentuate the positives.

Accept you have frailties,
Move on with a life of ease.
Get ready to make a start,
Find a peace in your heart.
Your life can be what you want it,
With new found verve and inner spirit.

No one really expects perfection
Dignity and pride, just to mention
So be honest, bold and true,
Perceive what will nurture you,
Because of this you will find,
A well-being in heart and mind.

Discard anxiety with a virtue,
Denounce the devil that’s inside you,
Cherish a faith, credence to save,
With honour you will be brave.
Forging willpower to survive,
It’s just great to be alive!

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