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Regular relaxation can help reduce the occurrence of panic attacks along with cognitive behavioural therapy.

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  1. Hello

    I am suffering from feelings of panic and have decided that I need some help with dealing with the rising panic. I am afraid that when this comes over me I will not be able to breath. In the past, I experienced hyperventilating and was completely alone and had no where to turn. No one knew what was happening to me and so I was unable to get the reassurance and support I needed.
    I am listening to your recording and it is some help. I am grateful that there is some help available now. If you can suggest anything that will help me to cope with these feelings at this time I would be so grateful. The recording is a start. Thank you. Louise


    • I just wanted you to know I saw your message and understand how you’re feeling. I have been having panic attacks at work and feeling anxiety 24/7, you’re not alone out there we are here together

      • Hi, have u managed to recover? I’ve been struggling for past 3 years and not getting anywhere. I’ve tried meditation, excercise, self help books, councilling, medication. Nothing has worked sadly. I manage to go to work but very uncomfortable and we’ll feel intense panic/anxiety all the time even around my own family and boyfriends

  2. We are glad that you have found our crisis message some help. We are lucky nowadays to be in age where we can share and talk about anxiety and also help each through tough times. You are certainly not alone and there are so many things you can do to ease and even recover from anxiety.

  3. What resources do you have for someone who is Deaf? CDs, telephone groups, mentoring, recordings are completely useless to someone who is profoundly Deaf who communicates in sign language.

    • No Panic’s text based resources are available to those who are deaf. Our Live Chat and Chat Room are available for you to speak to someone. We can also provide some information by email and by special arrangement we may be able to arrange text based one to one mentoring.

  4. I too have even experiencing anxiey and panic attacks. Been compounded by anti depressants that made it worse not better and now been taking 6mg Diazepam for 18 months. We are all experiencing different circumstances but wanted to let you know and connect that we are not on our own. I would like to help children and teenagers at school when I’m through this time in my life so they will be informed on what is happening in the body when a panic attack happens and that it’s perfectly normal

  5. I think I have more panic attacks by ruminating the fact that I have to control my breath. As we all know the peak of an attack is terrible, well actually the whole”process” of it, but for me once it’s heightened to its worst it’s like a never ending cycle of continued panic attacks (take notice about this repetitive statement), so what I do to control myself a bit is to read in forums other people’ situations and feel the empathy for the whole purpose of helping each other and as we are going through the same is encouraging to know of people that keep moving on with their lives and acknowledge and accept that anxiety can happen anytime out of the blue 😀 thank you to all the warriors out there that share their stories, and to the professionals that help us to overcome this episodes of anxiety my biggest thanks

  6. I get moments of being short of breath, as if I have been running, my heart rate increases and my adrenaline is pumping. I have not sought help and have always been able to coach myself through it mentally, but the last few months it has overwhelmed me and has started to affect my work. I don’t know what to do, I have a review later today concerning customers complaining about my passive aggressiveness, but this is leaking through from my subconscious in my tone of voice and the defensive way I speak to people. After reading more about mental health now there is much less stigma associated, I now realise I may have anxiety and depression issues that may need medical diagnosis and treatment. I will be seeking this help now, and thanks to sites like this, I know that I am not the only one.

  7. Wow I feel just like that! I am new to panic attacks. I was admitted to hospital last week because I became unwell at work with all the symptoms you have all discussed. I really thought I was having a heart attack and I’m on BP medication. My BP has been under control for ages but it raised to 206 over 118!! I have been having mild daily ‘attacks’ for 3 days now but reading yours and others comments I am beginning to feel at ease. All the tests said I wasn’t and haven’t had a heart attack so that was a great relief. Thank you ALL for helping me to understand. David

  8. I can’t fully describe the amount of relief I’ve felt this afternoon reading through the pages and comments on this site. I can relate to nearly all the symptoms listed, some of which previously had me thinking I had heart problems. I’ve had ECG’s, pulse checks, blood pressure checks a few times now and everything has been fine, but I still experience what I think are severe palpitations and mild chest pains. These in turn make me think I’m close to dying and trigger what I now know are anxiety/panic attacks. My greatest fear I’ve come to realise is that I have something wrong with me. I have daily thoughts of having heart problems, a brain tumor, among different illnesses. Over the past 6-7 months I would only experience 1-2 short attacks a week but more recently the stress of redundancy has now made these attacks an almost daily occurrence. As a young guy I’ve not really thought about seeking help but as this has been going on for months now I think the time has come to seek professional guidance to get these feelings under control, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. I’m relieved I found this page and thankful for the comments that have previously been posted. I now know I’m not the only one experiencing these horrible feelings. Cheers

  9. That was so very helpful, the recording has helped me stop going fully into an attack and helped lower my anxiety level…Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Hello , I thought I would just add to this thread. I started having panic attacks about 13 years ago as a delayed reaction to a lot of changes in my life. The effect on me was huge as I had always been ‘capable’ and suddenly I seemed to be losing it. I developed a phobia to motorways which meant my commute to work each day was horrendous. Sleepless nights also added to my inability to cope.

    I just wanted to say that I called this helpline and that started the road to recovery. I followed all the tips and relaxation techniques on the site and bought some relaxation CDs and started slowly to get better. It took time to be completely comfortable with motorway driving again but I was on my way fairly soon. I have only had one relapse in the many years since- when I saw my elderly farther carted off in an ambulance after a fall but it was a one off and speaking about it afterwards to a cousellor she said it was a perfectly natural reaction to a very stressful situation. I just wanted to add some hope to those reading this page that you can get better and the advice from the team at no panic is great ( I have donated a small amount of money each month ever since as a small token of my thanks)

    So hang on in there and follow the advice on this site- it will definitely help.

    Good luck

  11. I’m new to No Panic and I’ve just read people’s comments about having panic attacks. I found it so reassuring and helpful as everyone could have been writing about me – and it’s such a relief to know that you’re not alone.

    What I’ve learnt is that I’m not having a heart attack etc but I get in a panic about the fact that I can panic so easily – that feels so self-induced because if I didn’t worry about whether I’ll have a panic attack I probably wouldn’t have one. For example, I’ve just been to my grandson’s violin concert and I sat there in a stew thinking “what if I have a panic attack….” and then of course I did.

    Does anyone have any tips for how not to let my worry “What if I have a panic attack” take over and push me into having a panic? I’d be very grateful for your help


  12. Think positive! If you feel the start of a panic then just focus for a few minutes on breathing gently. Also I find it helpful to spend some time in the day doing the breathing exercises and the body scan which are both on this website. I too am a grandma and will be going later today to granddaughters concert.1

  13. Following a heart attack, and cardiac arrest a few months ago, I have several sessions when breathing has become difficult. Yesterday a paramedic was called as I felt I was having a heart attack. The last one was due to stress and my heart is healthy. Paramedic said it was a panic attack which can lead to some dreadful sensations. I have just found this site and will listen to calming music and try to control my breathing. Thank you everyone for sharing. I don’t feel so stupid now.

  14. My mum used to get Panic Attacks, I never really understood them to be honest, and prided myself on being very strong and capable, so when I had my first panic attack, I mistook it for a heart attack! I started feeling strange, no way to describe really, my face felt funny, my heart rate starts to rise, and I try to calm myself (it makes me need desperately to move, pace, wash up, I have to DO something, I cannot just sit and have one!) and I have managed to calm myself a couple of times, but the worst one made me feel so dizzy, my legs go quite weak, and because I am so tense, I ache, so mistake these symptoms for heart problems.
    I am getting slowly better at manageing them, tiredness doesn’t help one iota, I find I get them more at night, when I’m more tired to talk myself out of worrying. But my son helps me loads. He will come and just talk to me about anything, and I find my heart rate calms so much just by seeing him, as I would hate to scare my kids.
    I am so sorry for anyone going through them, the feelings fo utter dread that you get from them is diabolical, you think this is it, you’re going to collapse and die, and while you’re worrying about your breathing, you forget to breathe!!! I find if I put on music with earphones while my husband rubs my shoulders, this too really relaxes me.
    Loads love love to everyone going through these nightmare things, they can and will get better. My mum used to get them all the time, she’s 64 now and hasn;t had on in almost 15 years so there is hope! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Just found no panic today after having 2 attacks in quick succession. Over the years I’ve had maybe 2 (through grief) but until recently nothing.
    Since January I have had to travel by taxi twice a week and as I’ve always had mild travel anxiety it was fully expected (the anxiety). Recently I’ve had 2 what I now know have been panic attacks when reaching my destination. I was advised to shake and this did work to calm me but I felt awful all day. 2 days ago whilst seeing Dr for something else I had my 1st out of the blue/no real reason (I could see anyway) attack and this morning the 2 whilst reading my works diary.
    I work in a school and since January been 1-1 and this is the stem of my anxiety. Am hoping to see Dr tomorrow (if I can get in ) and go from there.
    Sorry for the long post, just to say the message has been very helpful today Thank You!

    • hi i suffer from travel anxiety for 15 years, i panic when driving, i cant go on buses, trains boats or planes, i can only drive to short locations, and this i definately can no longer drive on motorways or dual carriage ways,do lifts or even go up a flight of steps to a waterslide, i am a teacher of sport and pilates i am confident in every way except the above plz help it limits my life with my children. i cant take them anywhere

  16. Hello, I have suffered from Panic attacks off and on since I was 18 ( I am now 56) the first ones were horrific as I had no idea what was happening to me, but over the years, with counselling and professional help I have learnt to manage them and can go years without suffering. I can usually nip one in the bud now as I am very familiar with my triggers and can avoid them as best as possible. 2 weeks ago I had open heart surgery and have had a relentless flow of panic attacks since. It has been very hard to use my usual coping mechanisms as these include swimming and getting out and about. My trigger is often claustrophobia and of course right now I have many normal post cardiac surgery physical symptoms that are the same as panic attack symptoms. Tight chest, shortness of breath, nausea etc. I have had to try to sort out what is actually panic and what isn’t!! I have felt trapped within my own body. Your crisis message was helpful today and I will use it again whenever I am feeling overwhelmed. Are there any other post cardiac surgery patients out there who have been through a similar experience?

  17. I often feel like I was handed a double blow by life. I’ve struggled my whole life with anxiety & depression. After a hospital stay where I finally got on the right meds, I felt at last that things were under control.

    And then I became chronically ill. Now I’m fighting a daily battle against anxiety & depression. The most frustrating part of being in the middle of a panic attack for me is that I instantly forget all my coping strategies. Thank god for the internet & being able to quickly Google for support.

  18. I have a rare lung disease, and have been suffering panic attacks, for about two years, many times I am hospitalized due to this, I find that I think I’m getting a bit panicky,then all sorts of things come in to my mind, what if I cant breathe, what if I cant get out of the bathroom ,shower etc, mine can start in any situation, it is so scary, thinking your going to die,thinking that no one can help you before its to late, I can honestly say, I feel like I’m totally paralysed when I have a attack, to the point I think I cant reach for my inhalers,my phone to get help, and to be brutally honest, I have also lost control of my bladder in this situation too.which is so embarrassing but I want people to know, panic attacks take many forms,and come on for many reasons, many of the times we don’t even know why, I do try counting the alphabet on my fingers slowly,as this is not a norm, and you find your mind tunes into this,with each breath, I count the butterflies on my curtains, first up then down, all the time ,telling my self, I’m going to be ok, and it will pass and I can get a nice cup of tea, and be calm, I now find, I can bring myself to breath eventually, I think of this recording too, and repeat it to my self as I find it very relaxing, please tell friends and familly how these attacks effect you,and be truthful,if they know what to expect, people can help you, and you have no need to get even more panicked if a little accident should occur,I hope this honest account,will help someone be able to get some controll and relife from this awfull thing,..

  19. Hi guys,

    I’m new to this really, and just after abit of help and re-assurance really. It all started couple of weeks ago when it felt like my heart was beating a millions miles an hour. I started to panic and thought something was really wrong. Think it lasted around an hour it the. Calmed down. It then happened again I was heading to work and suddenly felt really dizzy and felt like my heart was pounding through my chest, I felt like I was going to pass out. Couldn’t stop sweating or anything. At one point I was that scared i thought I was going to die. I left work early and went to the doctors and they’ve done a ECG and blood tests and although said my heart rate was fast they believe it all to be down to panic and anxiety attacks. Ever since they just come on out of the blue and I generally get worried that I’m about to have a heart attack or something else is wrong with me even to the point of eating where I think I best not eat that as I could end up having a heart attack or something. Has anyone else experienced this? The no panic stuff had been helping. I’m just not sure what else I could do? Im scared of getting worse.

  20. I’ve been suffering for years with social anxiety on & off but have been coping, done some cbt a couple of years ago that helped. I have had a couple of panic attacks that lasted a few hours over the years which I knew the triggers for, but last week out of nowhere I had a big panic all the symptoms I’ve read on hear with nausea & dry heaving & couldn’t go to work. Every morning since I’ve woken up at 5-6am feeling nauseous & panicked restless & jittery. Not knowing any triggers & telling myself all the positive things I need to & mind distractions help eventually but the reoccurring symptoms of hunger & nausea not eating & feeling sick last way past the anxiety once I’ve calmed down. Any helpful tips would be appreciated.

  21. I have been suffering with anxiety the last few years and about 3 months ago had my first panic attack after that they seemed to be coming at least once a week. . I ended up In a & e because I couldn’t stop panicking one evening and they put me on sertraline, however for the next 3 days I sat in bed crying and panicking /feeling anxious all the time (I was to I’d had a bad reaction to meds) I have been given different ones now but am scared to take them and have had a full week of feeling anxious all day every day… I do not ever want to feel like I did in those 3 days I have 3 young children and luckily had people around me to watch them.. Has anyone else had an adverse reaction?

  22. I am learning different ways to deal with my anxiety attacks which started after I went through traumatic experiences in last years I.e my own cancer mums ect ect
    One word you mentioned thank you is a break through is that the breathing techniques FOCUS I realised over much of my life my panic attacks quite often started after a long Time of focusing on bad things, in this breathing techinique helps to refocus mind on something else and get a better perspective on one tape I listened to by a doctor Claire weeks taught that the quicker we use methods to relax like your breathing it calms down the negative stuff in our body I.e reducing the chemicals from fear and flight, I realised that after many years of being a carer for mum dad with alziemehers I had always been in constant state of anxiety and now my patents are gone its like a self defense always ready to do battle syndrome but I’m being aware now that of certain methods like breathing cognitive therapy mindfulness can help, I also realised that I always felt guilty about things that were not my fault and a,striving for perfectionism was passed down from my family so a revolving cycle of negative thinking I’ve got to get this alright mentality had been programed into my mind and o had to learn the triggers of oh I’ve got this all wrong failure syndrome was also causing the panic attack so now when I start to get into a trigger of Ohhh have I done something wrong or said something wrong I had to on purpose stop that negative mind thoughts that are part of my syndrome leading to panick attacks an over concentration of how wrong I was bought on depression anger at myself
    I’m on this journey and continue to find different ways
    Another advice from Claire weeks is instead of trying to resist the attack we make it last longer, if we don’t run away and contunuine to focus on what we are doing using mindfulness and your breathing which relaxes the body helps I too have used a dose of diazepam and a sleeping tablet but only when I cant overcome the revolving mind of worrying about something its said a panic attack can last just 15mins but there’s a secondry panick attack bought on by the symptoms of the first and it was suggested that of we relax and then allow the first attack to subside instead of resisting the strange feelings its less likely to bring on a second of course this is different for everyone and depends how stressful a persons life is but even so we can as you say take tome to do the breathing excersis that should slow down the adreline of fear and flight and last but not least recommended was a self talk what are you afraid of determine if its a real or imagined fear can help the mind to calm down these are just son of the things that I’m using every one is different and different circumstances im still on that journey of understanding what triggers me and then self talk on it will be ok I will get through this helps in awaarkward situations thank you so much for breathing techniques its great you can use relax the body technique when you go to bed too thank you best wishes to everyone on this site

  23. Hello Christine, You sound quite similar to me. I carry a lot of guilt around with me – I’ve always tried to make other people happy, but don’t seem to succeed very often. My mother died when I was expecting my daughter, which was terrible. Since then, I have gradually supported my father more and more. Then, about four or five years ago he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the caring role got more and more demanding. He has drained me of energy and stressed me. Also, problems with daughter, which I won’t go into, have given me stress for years. I started having panic attacks when my daughter was two and she is now 26. I have had periods over this time when I have coped a lot better, but the anxiety, panic disorder and depression never leave me completely. At the moment I am waiting to start cognitive behaviour therapy. I have had various counselling in the past, which has helped, but I never seem to be able to shake this horrible thing off altogether. I take diazepam occasionally, venlafaxine (antidepressant), and doctor has just given me propanalol to slow my heart rate down, but still feeling dreadful and constantly anxious and panicky. I hope you are coping and feeling better.

  24. Thank you so much….for such a helpful recording. After doing all Heart related test as normal. Still feels that Heart attack may happen to me. But my Physician finally mentioned that it is called Panic Attack and i wanted to find a solution for that….FEELING RELAXED…!!

  25. Hi, thanks for the recording. Its helped with the breathing, My heart has been pounding for 4 days straight. I cant eat or sleep and just the sight of my husband makes me physically vomit and go into a panic attack. I joined the gym today to help my body tire. I am trying! It just wont go away my sweat levels are crazy and i feel like this cant go on before i end up in hospital.

  26. I started with panic attacks following hyperventilation, in bed. My biggest problem is lack of sleep. No matter how tired I am, when I lay down to sleep, I panic within seconds, and have to sit up, or get out of bed. Sometimes I am awake for the whole night. I am at my wits end. A recent one week holiday was ruined by this condition, and I feel so sorry for my wife, who is finding it difficult to cope with me. Has anyone solved this problem of getting to sleep?

    • mine is the same michael had 2 now they are awful but i put extra pillows behind me so im propped up in bed it seemed to help im mainly like it at night i think of going to sleep n not waking up its very scary

  27. My brother has been dealing with panic attacks for years now and I did not understand. Now I’v e been experiencing the same after the disappearance of my husband. I began to worry about how I was going to take care of my two kids alone and that’s how it started. I am trying to keep my mind on positive things.
    thank you for this helpful tips.

  28. I live with panik attacks for 7 years now, often they are really tiny. Im severely overweigth i weight like 300 Pounds and i am 37 years old.
    I lost 10 kg in my last 2 month, but i getting severe panik attacks lately. Today was really tough, i just want to make sure. Can the exercise, i sometimes fo 2 hours through the Wood even tough uphill for me, I also lift weights and later in the day i get tremendous panik attacks, i believe it is panik attacks. Or can it be something really dangerous because the sudden change of lifestyle, because i never did much sport and always ate unhealthy untill recently.

  29. Hi guys, great to connect, and most importantly it’s nice to know that there are others on this journey. This isn’t to say that I’m glad others go through these symptoms, yet to say that the struggle can leave you feeling very isolated and alone at times. I fully believe it’s possible to move past both anxiety and anxiety disorders. Through the help and support of this group I know it can be possible, I wish you all the best. Having just listened to the video for panic attacks, I find this useful already. I will look forward to receiving the Newsletters also.


  30. Reading this has really helped me. I have recently also been having what I think are pretty extreme heart palpitations, shortness of breath etc – leading me to also think I had heart problems of some kind. A grandparent of mine had some kind of atrial fibrillation and I wondered if maybe I had something similar.
    I’ve had blood tests, ECGs, blood pressure checks – they all come back normal, which is good news but frustrating when you know something isn’t right and the doctors can’t pinpoint what it is to help you.
    I’ve altered my diet in case it was cholesterol related. I’ve been losing sleep worrying about it.
    In the end I’ve been putting it down to stress – as I am actually in the beginning stages of selling everything I own to relocate to the other side of the world! But I figured – this is my choice. How can something I want and choose to do be causing me so much stress??
    But I guess even things we want can be quite stressful – I guess people who choose to have children also find this life choice can be a source of stress and anxiety sometimes.
    I am now thinking all my symptoms could be panic attacks – so I might approach things in a different way – seek some guidance.
    I have found that singing Disney songs to myself can help the anxiety subside… I might look and sound strange to passers by, but it regulates my breathing as I sing the lines – you can’t breathe erratically and finish the verse at the same time. Also Disney is so cheery – who wouldn’t feel better after a round of Hakuna Matata??
    Hopefully I will be able to overcome all of this and continue with my plans to see the world!!

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