Cotswold Lavender have partnered with No Panic to give you lovely people a discount on lavender oils. Take a look at our blog post for full details.

Laura from Birmingham is looking for local sufferers of OCD who are willing to be in a documentary. If you willing to participate or would like more information please let either Lynne on or Mark on know.

No Panic has a new MP3 section on it’s website, you can find all of our current MP3/CD combo products there and we are very pleased to announce that in partnership with Professor Ursula James we are now selling a group of her specialised MP3s. You can find these welcome additions in the MP3 section as well.

Introducing No Panic’s new and improved Youth Services. We have a new Youth helpline number of 0330 606 1174 open between 3pm and 6pm Monday to Friday, 6pm to 8pm Thursday and Saturday. This is charged at landline rates and will be included in your free calls and minutes packages.

We are also introducing our Workshops for Schools Scheme. We will be going into schools and teaching both students and teachers about anxiety disorders and first steps on how to deal with them. If you’d like more information on these please contact head office on 01952 680460.

We are looking for people to volunteer with us on the helpline helping those with anxiety disorders to cope and recover. You can read more about volunteering at and apply at Please share this around.
Volunteers Poster 2016 Image

Child in Mind is a series developed by the Anna Freud Centre for children and families looking at mental health in children and their families. These were made as podcasts and you can listen to them here:

Publicity Updates

We’ve had more publicity opportunities through. Have a look on our Publicity Page to find out more.

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