New Memberships & Renewals

If you would like to join No Panic for the first time and register on the website please Click the button below.

New Memberships

If you would like to renew your membership please be logged into the website and click the button below.


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Membership gives you access to our one to one and group support services, along with the option to join our contact book so you can make pen and phone friends. We send you out a quarterly newsletter with information and news. You can also access our member’s only coffee afternoons and have some social time with other members of No Panic over the phone. You will also be able to access our Access Anxiety Aid service on Facebook in our Member’s only group. If you’re looking for information on our contact book service, the information and application form is available through the my account section of this website.

One Response to “New Memberships & Renewals”

  1. Many thanks Mark for resetting my password.

    The website is easy and bright. Lots of information and a vast improvement on the last website.

    The chat line has my thumbs up!! Great service for those wishing to get support regarding anxiety issues and feel connected to the living world as from experience isolation can be a major issue for many!!

    I’ve also noticed the helpline is no longer free charged at 3pence a minute. I was wondering how callers have responded to this, and if it has an impact on the length of the call.

    I know from experience though, that many call plans offer the, ‘ hang up before the hour’ before they start paying and I guess many phones services are pretty reasonable too.

    All in all well done! Much time, and work has clearly been given to this service and the information is excellent!!

    So well done to everyone at Nopanic!!

    Kind regards.

    Pam ( past no panic helpliner)

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