Nervous Breakdown

A Nervous Breakdown is a term which describes a relatively short period of extreme negative feelings, thoughts and symptoms. The often last a few days to a week and then the feelings thoughts and symptoms subside at least little. It is common to have suicidal ideation, feelings of want to or acts of self harm and the lack of willingness and energy to do even the simplest of tasks. These symptoms often don’t last after the breakdown and it is uncommon that you would be allowed into hospital after suffering one. That would only happen if you are a serious risk to yourself or others.

Is a nervous breakdown something to worry about?

Simply put no. This is an occurrence that happens from time to time with sufferers. You may need some extra help as these are not nice periods of your disorder. You may or may not ever have a nervous breakdown.

What happens after one?

You will need time to recover, that may take some time. You may find things more difficult after having a nervous breakdown, longer persisting symptoms, new symptoms, more prevalent phobias or tendencies. Once you have taken time to recover it is important that you now take steps to get help.

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