Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 14th May to Sunday 20th of May is Mental Health Awareness Week. One of No Panic’s main objectives during its life is to further the general public’s awareness of mental health matters and Mental Health Awareness Week is a perfect time to increase awareness. To do this we are using our publicity channels to support the Mental Health Foundation’s Curry & Chaat. We encourage you to donate to your mental health charity of choice and we’d we so grateful and humbled to have your donations sent to No Panic.

Curry & Chaat

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new community fundraising initiative Curry & Chaat.

The idea for Curry & Chaat came after we analysed the success of our flagship community fundraising event, Tea & Talk and noticed that only 10% of our Tea & Talk sign ups were male. As a mental health charity we feel it’s vitally important we reach in particular hard-to-reach audiences like men. Particularly as it is well documented that suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.

Don’t worry, Tea & Talk remains, it is a fantastic event which is hugely successful and a great way to challenge stigma and encourage people to talk about mental health so we didn’t want to change it in anyway.

We know from a survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation a year ago involving over 2,500 people who had experienced mental health problems that men are far less likely than women to seek professional support for their mental health. The survey showed that 28% of men had not sought medical help for their mental health problem and only a quarter of men had told a friend or family member what they had been going through. It also showed us that more than a third had waited up to two years or chose never to get help.

Quote from the Mental Health Foundation Blog.

Why support us?

No Panic is a Voluntary Organization, helping people with all types of anxiety disorders, panic attacks and gives support to people coming off tranquillizers. The Charity is funded by donations, which helps support the running of No Panic. Since our founder Colin Hammond died we have moved offices and now employ three paid office staff.

Today many more people suffer with stress and anxiety. We wish to reach as many people as we can to help sufferers towards a successful recovery. We still have a percentage of calls that cannot be answered because we need more volunteers to train for the Help Line. We run Recovery Groups and a one to one service called the Mentor Service which teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. These all take place in the person’s own home, but we need funds to give this facility.

The Charity has always believed that any donations we receive goes back to helping people overcome anxiety.

We are also committed to raising awareness and understanding of anxiety disorders. There is still much work to do to educate people on anxiety and the support that is needed.

The Charity has been here for 25 years and we need your help and support.

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