How To Get Things Done

Do you ever wake up in the morning and dread the day ahead? There is so much to do and you wonder how you will ever get through half of the things that need to be done!

Well the answer is to make a list. Write everything down in black and white and then write numbers next to each item in order of priority.

You can then, step by step, work through the list, ticking off jobs achieved as you go. Breaking things down in to small tasks is less daunting than facing the whole issue.

For example; maybe the house is a mess and you have piles of paperwork. The best thing to do is decide which out of the two is priority then break that job down. If the paperwork is top of the list, organise it into 3 piles, 1 = Top priority 2 = Important 3 = Can wait. Attend to pile 1 first then pile 2 followed by pile 3. Don’t forget to tick off the things on your list as you go

It is very satisfying to see a huge red tick next to an accomplished task.

It is extremely rewarding to work your way through a ‘todo’ list and also a great boost to the moral.

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