No Panic dedicated October to Raising Awareness and Fundraising to help people get the help they need. The month was received well but the need exists if you are willing to complete a fundraising event or activity for us please let us know and use the materials below. Funding goes to running the charities helpline and it’s support services. Please see the leaflet to the right for ideas.

What does your money do?General Publicity Leaflet

£25 pays for a person in financial difficulty to have mentoring or join a recovery group

£25 pay for a person in financial difficulty to become a member for a year

£25 trains a volunteer to work on the helpline

£190 pays for the new 0844 helpline number and to support our helpline volunteers for a month.

£800 pays for an issue of the Newsletter

No Panic Poster No Panic Information Pack The No Panic Fact Sheet No Panic Volunteering Leaflet Fundraising Leaflet Fundraising Permission Application Printable Sponsorship Form

Want to make a donation or sponsorship payment? YYou can head over to our donation page and find out how you can donate and choose the best option for you.


Want to raise funds for us and keep a tally on the amount you’ve raised? Try out a Just Giving page.
Make your page with JustGiving

Want to let us know about a donation or sponsorship payment? Fill in the below Form.

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