Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I get anxiety when I don’t have anything to be really anxious about?

This is called a generalised anxiety disorder.

Will medication cure my anxiety?

No, it will reduce some of your anxiety.

Why am I getting such high levels of anxiety at times even though I am on medication?

Medication is there to reduce anxieties effects not to stop them. Different medications do this in different ways and not all of them will be effective for you.

Am I going mad, crazy or losing it? Will I lose control and do something I don’t want to?

In short no. Medically those things happen as part of a psychosis. Anxiety is a different thing called a neurosis. You cannot gain a psychosis from a neurosis. We have a fuller article on this here:

Is X a symptom of anxiety? Or Could X be my anxiety?

If you need to check up on a symptom you should always do so from a safe and trustworthy source. You can check No Panics information on symptoms here: Anxiety symptoms Explained and here: The Symptom Checker. You can always contact us if your symptom is not on the list. But be aware that they are often group together for example muscle pain include all muscle pains not just arm or leg or a headache.

Can headaches be anxiety-related?

Yes they can be sometimes they are referred to as stress headaches.

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety is a fear of being afraid of something, somethings or some state of being. Examples include social situations, people, death or health related anxieties. These are individual to you and you may have more than one cause to your anxiety. This can also be generalised anxiety with you have the fear of being afraid or something that is not immediately defined or apparent to you.

What is the difference between normal anxiety and problem anxiety?

Normal Anxiety is when you are anxious about a normal event for example a job interview or before public speaking. Anxiety becomes a problem when it stops you from doing what you want to, for example if anxiety stops you from going to meet a friend for coffee then its a problem. Problem anxiety needs to be treated and you need to help yourself with it.

Can anxiety kill me?

No! Anxiety is in no way life threatening it uses the bodies natural fight or flight mechanism to create all of those symptoms you experience. Therefore if your body can naturally give you the same chemicals and reactions in the right circumstances then how are these things abnormal enough to harm you? They aren’t.

What is the difference between panic and anxiety?

Anxiety is a more general feeling, the feeling of being scared and worried. Panic or a panic attack is a short lived collection of symptoms that affect a person. They can include hyperventilation,
shaking, heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle pain, crying and feelings of high anxiety. This does vary somewhat person to person but generally you may experience that as a part of a panic attack. There are lots of other symptoms both to do with anxiety and panic that can be found here: Anxiety symptoms Explained

Where can I get help for Anxiety?

You’re in the right place, call us if you need to or engage with us on emails or social media we’re always here for you. If you want organised help go to our shop.

Is OCD acquired or are you born with it?

No one is born with OCD. It is acquired. There may be some predisposition to OCD, but more likely to higher levels of anxiety in general, and not a substantial predisposition.