CBT Basics

Cognitive behavioural therapy is the cornerstone of most anxiety treatment at the current time. It’s commonly called CBT. We use this to work from the now to help people alter they way they perceive the situations and how they react to it. Effectively resetting the fear level to expected normal levels. CBT works on the principle as the picture shows that there is four parts to a person. Their thoughts, their feelings, their symptoms they experience and their actions or behaviours. They all interconnect and interact, if one is triggered all of the others react to it. So if you see a spider and then have the thought that spiders are scary then you feel scared, you may start to panic and likely you will tense up, then you may scream or runaway from the spider; but all of those happen because you had that first thought. This also happens whichever process is triggered first. so the basic way to start CBT is to identify these processes and write them down and then you have to look at which one is the easiest to change.

The next part of CBT is to work on those changes and do some exposure work where possible and relevant. This most also be done with coping strategies and those are worked on normally before the CBT begins.

If your looking to have CBT you can find it available on the NHS and available through our member’s recovery services which are our one to one mentoring scheme and telephone recovery groups.

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