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SpotLight: The Muscle Relaxation

The muscle relaxation helps by calming the body down, helping us to think more rationally, relaxes our muscles, switches off the nervous system, stops the production of stress hormones (as an example adrenalin) and proves we are not in danger.The muscle relaxation is also a good sleep aid as it physically tires you out and […]

Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month so we’re going to bring you a series of blogs about coping with stress. On Thursdays you will see our resources on first steps techniques highlighted and on Mondays you will see tips from various people on how they reduce their own stress. What can you do for Stress Awareness […]

CBT Basics

Cognitive behavioural therapy is the cornerstone of most anxiety treatment at the current time. It’s commonly called CBT. We use this to work from the now to help people alter they way they perceive the situations and how they react to it. Effectively resetting the fear level to expected normal levels. CBT works on the […]

SAM: Ten Tips For Stress

We live in a very busy world sometimes with lots of problems to cope with that causes us to feel stress. These are some things we can do to help bring our stress levels down. 1. TRY RELAXATION TECHNIQUES Each day try to relax to reduce your stress levels. There are many ways to reduce […]

Fear of Clowns – Coulrophobia

The fear of clowns is common in youth and sometimes extends into adulthood. For Nicki who works in No Panic’s head office her coulrophobia has extended into adulthood. She cannot be near or look at a picture of a clown without screaming, shaking, having heart palpitations and having the strong urge to run away from […]

Poem: Helpliner By Sharon

You don`t know me, I`m a voice on the phone, A number you chose to call, To share your deepest fears. You call from a place of safety, Anonymous from your home, A haven that`s a safe prison, Where rituals and habits rule. You cry out your despair, Sob your sheer panic aloud; You share […]