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A Little Moment by Elaine

I had a “little” moment, it went on for far too long I struggled to make sense of it, all reasoning seemed wrong It seemed whichever way I turned, it was the wrong direction Though now I’ve come to realise, I needed self reflection I am not all to everyone, I cannot fix what’s wrong […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

World Mental Health Day is upon us once more, and this year’s theme is all about the workplace. The financial cost of mental illnesses in the UK is massive, as you can see from the figures in the above infographic, costing an estimated £70 billion annually in lost productivity, benefits, and health care. Mental health […]

Anita’s Story

I am 51 and have always had anxiety, even as a small child. I’ve tried to function as best I can throughout my entire life but just over a year ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition that is exacerbated by some drugs so antidepressants are now not ok for me to take. I […]

Elaine’s Story

Hi. I am 45 years old. I have gad. As far back as I remember I have always been a worrier. A what if.. er! Around the age of 20. I started to struggle with public transport. I switched from the bus to the train to get to work so I could get there quicker. […]

Kink’s HAIRathon

The amazing fundraisers at Kink Hair Salon along with Theo Silverston are raising money for No Panic as part of their 9th annual HAIRathon.They are also raising funds for the Bernice Cowen Charitable Trust. Have a look at their page on JustGiving at and read their story below. Kink are proud to be holding their […]

Access Anxiety Aid

No Panic is adding a new service for all members of the charity. Access Anxiety Aid Starting from today, any member of No Panic can get direct help by instant messaging. Maybe you are panicking right now and need some reassurance? Maybe you are having unusual symptoms? Maybe you are more anxious than usual or […]