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Kevin’s Story

Hi all, I am a 40 year old male and I started to panic in the beginning of 2004 all from an inner ear infection!!! I was working at the time and I have 2-3 weeks off work and was stuck indoors all that time due to my ear. When I thought I was better […]

Karen’s Story

I’m Karen and I have a phobia of toilets. There, I said it, I’m out. For some reason, unknown to me, I think the toilet is going to get me, or the pipes will burst, or that it will flush whilst I’m using it. I know none of that will happen, but it terrifies me […]

Agoraphobia -Tony’s Story

Tony was 38 years old when his agoraphobia started. He was travelling from Birmingham to London and at Coventry he had, what he later found out to be, a full blown panic attack. He felt he couldn’t move forwards or backwards. He was taken to the local hospital where he underwent exhaustive physical tests, which […]

Space Phobia Edith’s Story

Space phobia is nothing to do with going up in a spaceship or rocket. It is a fear of falling and tends to affect people who have a physical problem with walking. However, with this phobia some sufferers feel “drawn” sideways, which is a major hazard when driving.   Edith’s problem began when she was […]

Sheila’s Story

I have spent a long time battling and coping with phobias, one vomiting and one of embarrassing social behaviour, blushing and staring, several near phobias and obsessive thoughts. I had a lot of professional help but have only felt short relief, so my life has been basically one of trying to cope whilst enduring crippling […]

Monophobia Samantha’s Story

Samantha’s story illustrates the risks in involving a “helper” to beat her phobia which, in her case was agoraphobia. She found that she became totally dependent on her partner and eventually she was unable to stay in the house on her own. Her partner even gave up his job to be with her. Now two […]