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Mark R’s Story

Hello, I’m Mark and at the time of writing I’m also No Panic’s Membership Secretary. I’ve been working with No Panic in this and my expanding role for just over four years since August of 2012. I am a social anxiety sufferer; this is co-morbid with my stammer which is a neurological condition that affects […]

Kevin’s Story

Hi all, I am a 40 year old male and I started to panic in the beginning of 2004 all from an inner ear infection!!! I was working at the time and I have 2-3 weeks off work and was stuck indoors all that time due to my ear. When I thought I was better […]

Dayna’s Story

I first discovered the charity on a small notice board pinned to my GP’s wall in my early 20’s. I had just started the onset of rather serious GAD and I didn’t know what was wrong with me at the time. I felt like I had been lobotomised and someone else’s mind had replaced mine, […]

Caroline’s Story

My experiences of anxiety and what helped me, by Caroline, member of No Panic. This is what helped me and I wanted to write this in the hope that it will benefit others in the same situation. I have suffered on and off with bouts of anxiety for nearly 30 years. Most of the time […]

Karen’s Story

I’m Karen and I have a phobia of toilets. There, I said it, I’m out. For some reason, unknown to me, I think the toilet is going to get me, or the pipes will burst, or that it will flush whilst I’m using it. I know none of that will happen, but it terrifies me […]

Mrs W’s Anxiety Story

I had GAD in my 20s and beat it even in its chronic state without medication with a psychologist. Always been quiet a neurotic person a little hyper alert & prone to burnout. A year and a half ago which is 20 years later, unfortunately it came back, oddly enough with the same phobias but […]

Sarah’s Anxiety Story

I have always been an anxious person since childhood, worrying about things rather than playing with other kids my age but my problems really started around 15 years ago. After losing my best friend to cancer and my partner at the time leaving me weeks after having out daughter, I thought I was coping really […]