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Carers: Caring for Yourself

When a person is a carer their life is often taken up by caring for the person they care for who is often a family member or friend. The person they usually find difficulty caring for and keeping well is themselves. So we recommend the following to keep yourself well enough to be that carer […]


Affirmations are simple. They are you being in conscious control of your thoughts. They are short, powerful statements that you use regularly. Using affirmations is a way of making positive thinking a habit. So firstly here are few for you to have a look at: I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel positive. My […]

Humor & Anxiety

Walking on Custard: How Physics Helps Anxious Humans | Neil Hughes | TEDxLeamingtonSpa Comedian, author, and physicist Neil Hughes lived with anxiety for years before he had a strange realisation: anxiety is just like custard! This surprising pudding-based insight led to a new approach to his mental health. In this talk, he uses physics, humour, […]

Body Scan Relaxation

This body Scan is a quick 5 Minute Relaxation to help you with your most anxious bodily areas. Follow along and have a go. Your browser does not support the audio element. Music by, Voice provided by Lynne Frederick for No Panic.

Breakfast: Breaking the Fast

Breakfast is so called because it is there to break the fast of night time. People who miss out on this most important meal of the day, start the day on a very bad footing. Our body has been resting through the night hours but on waking needs fuel to level out the blood sugar […]

Thought Control

The power of thought has an extremely strong influence on our lives. It shapes our days and our way of life. This process is usually subconscious but it can be made conscious too. For example; put a smile on and now think of something you love, whether it is a golden beach, a chocolate cake […]

Perfectionism by Sarah Egan, Roz Shafran and Tracey Wade

1.       What is perfectionism? The type of perfectionism we are referring to in this article is striving very hard to achieve goals and standards, accompanied by self-criticism when standards are not achieved. The reason for such striving can be explained by self-esteem being too reliant on striving or achievement. For your perfectionism to be a […]

Sleep & Anxiety

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can be one of the main contributors to anxiety problems. When we are tired our brains are unable to function correctly, our attention span drops, as does our concentration. Reasoning becomes more difficult and our memory suffers. Sleep deprivation will also lead to lack of energy and eventually […]

Relaxation Technique

Why is it important to do relaxation when we are suffering from anxiety? Relaxation and breathing techniques are the foundation building blocks to start recovery. When we have been anxious for a long period of time the body gets used to being anxious and tense. What happens to the body when this happens? Tension gives […]