Carer’s Week


As this is carers week I am sure many people suffering from anxiety would wish to say a big thank you for the help they receive if they have a carer, which is often a family member or friends. The people that care are there every day doing the best they can to help and trying to understand how best to support someone with, for example phobias or obsessive compulsive disorder, are just two examples.

People suffering with anxiety can get better and in your role of carer you are doing a brilliant job of helping support the person who is ill.

You may be looking after someone with a physical illness and finding it stressful so look at what the charity offer.

Support for carers

Caring for someone can be difficult especially if you don’t get a break and it is important to take time out for yourself, but this is not always easy. You are entitled to a free carer’s assessment and your local council social services department will help. You can get their details from your local phone book or their web site. Also there are local support groups for carers and talking to other people in similar situations helps.

Before you apply for help have a think about what you need? Do you have time to time for yourself? Can you get out and do things by yourself? Does being a carer affect your health? Do you need a break? Are you trying to fit in with work and finding this becomes stressful? Are you looking after yourself – getting enough sleep, eating properly and are you anxious and stressed? The charity is there to help with the person you are looking after but also we are there for you.

When you’re taking care of someone, you need to remember to take care of yourself, too. Having a break doesn’t mean you’re letting down the person you look after, or saying you don’t care – it’s a sensible and realistic thing to do. A break will help you pursue your own interests, catch up with friends, run errands, or simply recharge your batteries. If you need to take a break from caring, your local council has a responsibility to arrange services that help you do this. This is known as respite care.

If you are finding it difficult to find the opportunity to do other things try and see how you can fit things around the time you have or ask for help from friends so you can take up an activity or hobby. It may be something that gets you out and about or doing something at home you enjoy doing by yourself. You might find a way of making new friends by enrolling at an evening class. In some areas people meet up just to go for a walk in the day or go for a coffee and social chat. It is so important that you take time caring for yourself. By being active it helps you have that break and keeps you healthy. If you are wondering what you could do try your local library as they often have a list what is happening in your area.

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