Carer’s Week & Men’s Health Week

This week is both Carer’s Week and Men’s Health Week. No Panic chooses to celebrate the work that carers do in the world and talk about Men’s mental health. We’re going to dedicate our thursday blog to Men’s Mental health with a look at it from a sufferer’s point of view.


Carer’s do a fantastic and much needed job helping their friends and loved ones cope with their problems. Whether that be mental or physical problems or a combination of the two. No Panic focus’ mostly on the mental health side of carers and in particular anxiety disorders. Carers can and do help people in many ways. Whether it be reassurance, personal care, distraction exercises, relaxation or breathing they do it all with their cared for.

Caring can have a significant impact on both your physical and emotional health. It is easy to overlook your own health needs, but it is important for you to stay healthy. Tell your Doctor that you are a carer and how this affects your ability to care for your own health. They may be able to help by discussing ways to manage your health better if your caring responsibilities make it difficult for you to attend the Doctor’s surgery. It is so important to look after yourself properly. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and keeping active and look after your emotional health. It’s easy to overlook your own health and not get enough rest and sleep.

It is not just about your physical health but also your emotional health. You might be struggling to manage or feel isolated or depressed. Try and talk to someone in the family or friends. Join a carers’ support group or there maybe a group on line. Your Doctor should know of local groups.

More information on support for carers will be available on a future monday blog post. You can call our helpline on 0844 967 4848 if you need advice as a carer. You’ll also be able to find our look at anxiety in men on thursday.

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