Book of the Month June 2017

This month’s book is Anxiety Disorders in Focus by Margaret Hawkins.

It is a 65 page guide to all things anxiety! It is very informative and covers key topics such as the basics of anxiety disorders and what they are and how they affect people as well as some vital self help techniques and strategies for coping with panic.

The book looks in depth at a range of different types of phobia. There is also a section on OCD , one on carers and one on children.

The guide is easy to read and understand and is a good all round introduction to anxiety and panic and answers a lot of the most frequently asked questions. It is also an excellent resource for friends, family and carers of anxiety sufferers as it offers the reader a good understanding of Anxiety and how they can help and support sufferers.

Overall it is a useful resource for long term sufferers as well as those experiencing anxiety for the first time.

Anxiety Disorders in Focus is available from No Panic for £7 please visit the website or call 01952 680460 to order your copy.

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