A Little Moment by Elaine

I had a “little” moment, it went on for far too long I struggled to make sense of it, all reasoning seemed wrong It seemed whichever way I turned, it was the wrong direction Though now I’ve come to realise, I needed self reflection I am not all to everyone, I cannot fix what’s wrong […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

World Mental Health Day is upon us once more, and this year’s theme is all about the workplace. The financial cost of mental illnesses in the UK is massive, as you can see from the figures in the above infographic, costing an estimated £70 billion annually in lost productivity, benefits, and health care. Mental health […]

Anxiety Recovery: Getting Started

Getting started with recovering from anxiety can feel like the biggest hurdle. The big question for lots of people is where do I start? The answer to that really depends on how you want to start. Whether you want to contact someone directly and how you feel most comfortable doing that. Or whether you want […]

Health Anxiety Resources

In No Panic’s updated article on Health Anxiety it spoke about setting up a list of resources that you can turn to to reassure you about your symptoms and turning to that list before anything else. In aid of this No Panic has written this list to get you a starting point. “When I’m worried […]

Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety is the fear that a symptom can be of a serious disease when it is not. Most often this occurs with the symptoms of a current anxiety condition. Commonly this will be a fear of a drastic but related illness such as heart problem for heath palpitations, cancer of various places, memory related […]

No Panic and EverythingBranded

We are pleased to announce that have been kind enough to donate printed wristbands to No Panic. specialise in promotional and branded products for businesses and charities around the world. They have worked with household names such as ASDA, Samsung, the NHS and ITV, supplying them with pens, clothes, mugs, keyrings and much […]