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No Panic & Thrive: A Partnership

Did you know that at this present time, 40% of disability worldwide is due to depression and anxiety with 1 in 4 people in the UK alone experiencing a mental health condition. Given the number of people with anxiety yet 75% of these people not seeking help – there needs to be a safe, confidential […]

Jo’s Story – Germs

I am writing this firstly to thank everyone at No Panic and secondly to give hope to others. 12 months ago I was stuck in what I can only describe as hell. It wasn’t always like that, I was ‘normal’ once. Though I guess I had always been a clean person, but not manic as […]

Children’s Mental Health Week

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week, so we want to start off by highlighting how to help your child’s mental health and where to go to get more help outside of the NHS. Check out our booklet on Children’s Phobias and Anxieties by clicking on the picture. So what should you look out for? To start […]

PIP & Mental Health Claimants

I felt like my mental health was irrelevant. I was made to feel like I was being a burden to the system. Quote from A BBC News Article on PIP from a claimant called Vicky. This shocking statement is the current state of our disabled person’s benefits system. We’ve heard this echoed by others that […]

Addiction and Withdrawal to Medications

‘Growing problem’ of addiction to prescription drugs probed No Panic doesn’t talk about medication much but when we do we stress the importance of it being done professionally and with a doctors involvement. But we also advocate the use of talking therapies and particularity cognitive behavioural therapy as a first point of call. We also […]

Child Health in England

Children in England ‘deserve better’ from healthcare This is the start headline from the article about the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health report release on the BBC today. While we can’t comment on the physical health aspects we can comment on what we think of the governments work ono mental health. The green […]

Brain Language

Brain language is about talking to yourself in the right way. It’s about how you mind has to visualise or think about something before it can move on to the next step. For instance if you see a sign saying please do not walk on the grass, the first thing you have to think about […]

Weekend Resources

Remember anxiety is frightening but not dangerous. There are lots of symptoms that knock us all about but they will pass. You can help yourself by looking after yourself and trying these techniques. Breathing: Relaxing: Controlling Thoughts: Looking at resources on symptoms and health anxiety when needed: Calling the helpline if […]