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Diabetes and Anxiety

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash What is the Link between Diabetes and Anxiety? In the UK, it is estimated that more than one in 16 people has diabetes. According to Diabetes UK, if things remains as they are, there will be five million people in the UK with this disease by 2025. Diabetes has […]

A Personal Reflection: The drugs do work, taking SSRIs for Panic Disorder

The journey of recovery from mental ill health can be tough to navigate. It isn’t as straightforward as a broken arm or a chest infection, where diagnosis and treatment plan is clear. It’s not linear and everyone is unique. Medication is still a treatment which has stigma attached to it. A ground-breaking study published earlier […]

Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 14th May to Sunday 20th of May is Mental Health Awareness Week. One of No Panic’s main objectives during its life is to further the general public’s awareness of mental health matters and Mental Health Awareness Week is a perfect time to increase awareness. To do this we are using our publicity channels to […]

Keeping stress to a minimum

In life every one of us feels stressed from time to time. Stress is completely normal, for example; you may feel stressed when sitting an exam or going for a driving test, experiencing financial problems, losing your job, or moving house. This is all perfectly normal. When we are stressed the body is tense which […]