An Anxious Day in the Life of Mark

Everybody has anxiety days, some people will have them more than others depending on where they are on the road to recovery. Anxious days are rarer for me on at my stage in the road but they do happen. This blog is to show how some coping strategies are used in conjunction with others to keep anxiety at bay during a necessarily busy day.

I start my day at home with breakfast time, especially on days where the anxiety kicks in I make myself have breakfast. I know I’m going to use up more energy on those days and need the breakfast. I usually feel the busy head when I wake up and often one of the first signs is muscle pain in my leg. Not the nicest of ways to wake up and start your day but the best thing I can do is start it anyway. So after breakfast it’s time to make sure I’ve got a lunch ready and go to work at No Panic’s Head Office.

I’m still coping with various of levels of pain at this point, facing racing thoughts (generally about what there is to do today) and as I walk in the building I sometimes like today get a little panicky and need to breathe through it. No Panic’s office is a small part of a larger building and people are generally arriving at the same time, which isn’t always good for a person with social anxiety. I still say Hi to anyone that’s around but I bundle myself into the office quite quickly and do some breathing to calm myself down. I start my work day with a cup of coffee; for me this doesn’t effect my anxiety and the routine helps keep me going. I then look to the tasks at hand and proceed with them, making sure to be sat down if my leg pain gets too much and to walk around when necessary to keep the leg working. I find it’s a balance between sitting and walking that helps me through the pain.

I then start to use my thought control techniques to calm down the whirlwind of thoughts that are in my head and focus on the first bit of work. As I get to twelve o’clock I start to think about lunch, this is partly keeping sugar levels adequate and partly keeping my routine. I am used to having my lunch at a certain time and it provides structure whether I end up working through it or sitting having a break. People come and go throughout the day, the door is knocked and opened and closed. I always look to see when it is, I’m sat with my back to the main door and I can’t help the slight nervousness that brings when I hear the sound of the door. The phone is also normally ringing, I’ve never been totally comfortable with speaking on phones but I’m getting there. I don’t avoid them anymore, I still stammer when I have to phone a person partly due to that feeling.

I get through the day, sitting, walking, breathing, moving the tvs in my head around and focusing on the work, those are broadly the mechanisms I use everyday. If you’ve not read my story then the tvs will sound a little strange for now, I suggest you go and read it here. I head home after this doing anything I need to in between times. Home time is relaxing time, for me that’s being on a favorite game on my computer with a favorite drink or relaxing with the TV on.

My day is quite simple on anxiety days and it’s meant to be. Anxiety days are the days where you focus on looking after yourself and managing as best you can. Your welcome to share your stories and coping mechanisms for anxiety days below or on our facebook groups.

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