Anxiety Recovery: Getting Started

Getting started with recovering from anxiety can feel like the biggest hurdle. The big question for lots of people is where do I start? The answer to that really depends on how you want to start. Whether you want to contact someone directly and how you feel most comfortable doing that. Or whether you want to start by doing some reading about anxiety. Below are a few options to cover both of the how you want to get started answers.

Contacting Someone

By Phone

  • No Panic’s Helpline – 0844 967 4848
  • No Panic’s Office – 01952 680460
  • Your local GP
  • Your local Mind branch
  • NHS 111

Online or By Email

Face to Face

  • Your local GP
  • Your local support group

Reading About Anxiety

Listed here are a few of the ways that you can get started with your anxiety recovery and how to go about them. There are of course many other ways and many other places you can contact depending on your own local area.

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