Archive | May, 2017

The Self Helper Application

Last Friday No Panic launched it’s Self Helper for Desktop and we’ve had nearly 100 downloads of it since then. The app itself has been in development for about a month and includes our Crisis Message, The Body Scan Relaxation, the written Relaxation Technique, the beginners guide to anxiety, the symptom checker and our contact […]

Summer Anxiety

In the summer anxiety is generally lower for most sufferers. But for some sufferers it is higher. This can be for many reasons, for example maybe your favored coping mechanism for one of your symptoms isn’t as accepted in the summer or the increased number of people outside or on the roads. Generally as the […]

Nervous Breakdown

A Nervous Breakdown is a term which describes a relatively short period of extreme negative feelings, thoughts and symptoms. The often last a few days to a week and then the feelings thoughts and symptoms subside at least little. It is common to have suicidal ideation, feelings of want to or acts of self harm […]