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Perfectionism by Sarah Egan, Roz Shafran and Tracey Wade

1.       What is perfectionism? The type of perfectionism we are referring to in this article is striving very hard to achieve goals and standards, accompanied by self-criticism when standards are not achieved. The reason for such striving can be explained by self-esteem being too reliant on striving or achievement. For your perfectionism to be a […]

Sleep & Anxiety

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can be one of the main contributors to anxiety problems. When we are tired our brains are unable to function correctly, our attention span drops, as does our concentration. Reasoning becomes more difficult and our memory suffers. Sleep deprivation will also lead to lack of energy and eventually […]

Mrs W’s Anxiety Story

I had GAD in my 20s and beat it even in its chronic state without medication with a psychologist. Always been quiet a neurotic person a little hyper alert & prone to burnout. A year and a half ago which is 20 years later, unfortunately it came back, oddly enough with the same phobias but […]

Sarah’s Anxiety Story

I have always been an anxious person since childhood, worrying about things rather than playing with other kids my age but my problems really started around 15 years ago. After losing my best friend to cancer and my partner at the time leaving me weeks after having out daughter, I thought I was coping really […]