Archive | September, 2014

Anxiety and Winter

As the days get shorter, some people tend to find their anxiety heightens. Research has proven that this is due to light sensitivity. Which makes sense as there are less daylight hours as we move through Autumn into Winter.  So if you are someone that feels more anxious or down as the year passes by, […]

Making a List

If you’re feeling anxious by thinking of all there is to be done, stop thinking about it so much and start working on it. Write a list in order of priority, then be firm and stick at the first one until it’s done. When completed, put a huge, red tick next to it. Now move […]

Maverick TV – Phobias Program

Maverick Television creators of Channel 4’s Embarrassing bodies, BBC 3’s Ouch and Growing Up Downs are creating a series on Phobias. Maverick TV are wanting to speak to people with a variety of phobias from a fear of dogs to water, crowds to birds, we will help a group of individuals overcome their worst fear […]