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Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is a short, simple statement. They are used to bring you subconcious thoughts concious. In other words, you take control of your way of thinking. Research has shown that human have around 50,000 thoughts a day. Using affirmations daily has been proven to increase positive thinking rather than negative. Here are a few […]

Dehydration and Anxiety

Many things can aggravate or trigger  anxiety and dehydration is one of them. When our bodies are dehydrated they do not function as well. Water makes up on average 60 – 70 percent of the human body, it carries hormones and nutrients to their destinations, so when fluid consumption is reduced this procedure starts to […]

No Panic’s 20th anniversary Conference

No Panic had it’s 20th anniversary Conference on 4th October 2013. It was opened by the mayor of Telford Cllr Leon Murray and speakers included, Professor Kevin Gournay, Professor Roz Shafran, Dr Anna Coughtrey PHD, Paul Entwhistle and No Panic’s Social Media Co-ordinator Sarah Floyd. They spoke on a variety of topics including No Panic’s […]

Mark’s Story

I’ve been motivated to write this to do my bit to try to tackle the stigma attached to mental health problems and to encourage people who are going through a tough time. Part of me is uncomfortable writing about something so personal but I feel it could help change people’s attitudes and help people who […]

Julia’s Story

I was informed by my GP that there was a 1 year waiting list to speak with a counsellor. And so I contacted a solicitor friend of mine who was on the tail end of completing a counselling course. She very kindly offered her help and support “Thank-you Margaret” It was through Margaret that I […]

Jo’s Story

My everyday life is fairly ordinary. I work as a temporary lecturer and am also a freelance trainer, teaching a variety of subjects to adults in college and at business premises.  I have been doing this for less than a year, and it is quite fun in contrast to the heavy workload I had previously […]

Spontaneous Panic By Professor Kevin Gournay

Spontaneous Panic, What is it? And how to deal with it By Professor Kevin Gournay Most people with anxiety states are simply more alert and aroused than the general population. The chemical processes which underlie anxiety are complex but essentially lead to the body being put into an optimum state of preparedness. One way of […]

Hormones By Professor Kevin Gournay

When I first came into contact with phobic patients in my work with Professor Isaac Marks at the Maudsley Hospital, some 20 years ago, I was quickly struck by how many female patients described the worsening of their symptoms in the few days before their periods. An increase not just in the general pre-menstrual symptoms […]