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Strategies For Coping With Panic

Remember the symptoms and feelings although very frightening are not in the least dangerous or harmful. Understand that what you are experiencing is just an exaggeration of normal bodily stress reactions. Remember, that when you get excited, if for instance, you had won the Lottery, your body would react with churning tummy and a rapid […]

Thinking too much.

Thinking is part of everyday life. Most of the time we don’t pay much attention to it, we just do it. But what happens when we think too much? How do we know when we are thinking too much? Well a clue is; If you are thinking the same thing over and over again (rumination) […]


What does Recovery mean to you?  It may mean you want to be free from anxiety.  We can’t hurry recovery; it takes as long as it takes.  We need to accept how we are at the moment and keep working with our anxiety, not fighting or struggling with it, but try and accept the anxiety […]

Diet and Exercise

Our diet can play an important role in helping anxiety.  The causes of anxiety and stress are complex. Some people do not eat properly due to their symptoms, a feeling of nausea or because of the effects of drugs. Some people comfort eats with a lot of sugary snacks.  When we are anxious it may […]