Mentor Service

Mentor Service (one to one) with a trained mentor who helps people with their anxiety problems, teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Recovery Groups

Recovery Groups for members with a trained group leader who teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Help Line

Our help line is answered by trained volunteers to give out information, show empathy and support for all anxiety sufferers. The service charge for this line is 5p which will be added to your phone company's access charge to get your price per minute.


From time to time No Panic receives requests from the press for people to share their stories and raise awareness in print, on the radio and on the television. If you would like to get involved with any of these fantastic opportunities please press the publicity button and follow the instructions of your chosen opportunity.

Fantastic Publicity Opportunities

No Panic’s Youth Helpline is now open on 0330 606 1174. This helpline is for those aged 13 to 20 years old. It opens between 3pm and 6pm Monday to Friday. Landline rates apply. This was developed with the help of the Shropshire Young Health champions and is sponsored by Speakserve.

No Panic has a Live Chat service on our website. When the button in the bottom right is grey it’s offline. When it’s Yellow you can speak to someone. When it’s offline you can leave a message and we’ll email you back.

All you have to do is click the button, fill in a short form and then you can instant message with someone from No Panic. Normal opening times where an operator is available are below.

  • Between 6pm & 7pm each evening
  • Between 5pm & 6pm Tuesdays
  • Between 2pm & 4pm Wednesdays
  • Between 2pm & 4pm Thursdays

You can find No Panic on the Social Media sites below.

Twitter: @CharityNoPanic

Our Facebook Page we also respond to messages on this page.

Our Facebook Group, which is closed & moderated for user’s safety.

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Member’s Benefits

Membership gives you access to our one to one and group support services, along with the option to join our contact book so you can make pen and phone friends. We send you out a quarterley newsletter with information and news. You can also access our member’s only coffee afternoons and have some social time with other members of No Panic over the phone. If you’re looking for information on our contact book service, the information and application form is available through the my account section of this website.

We hope that you can find support, information and answers to many of your questions surrounding these disorders and, in time, make a full recovery like many of our members have.

Check out the full membership benefits by clicking here!


Winner of the Guardian Charity of the Year Award


The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service


Member of the Help Lines Association


Sponsored by SpeakServe, who help us with their Telephone Conference Lines

Colin Hammond MBE

This website is dedicated to the late Colin Hammond, founder of No Panic. Without Colin’s hard work the invaluable support of No Panic would not exist today.

We’re Recruiting Volunteers for our Helpline

Volunteers Poster 2016 Image

We are looking for people to volunteer with us on the helpline helping those with anxiety disorders to cope and recover. Please see our above poster, you can also download it on the button below. You can find out more and apply online using the various buttons below as well.

Download the Poster Volunteering Information Apply Online

Support & Advice Page Highlights

Looking for our publicity opportunities please see our dedicated page.

Symptoms! All Those Scary, Concerning Symptoms & How Normal They Are.

No Panic’s Anxiety Symptoms Explained gives you a list of the most common symptoms experienced, and explains those with specific names like feelings of depersonalisation & unreality or hyperventilation. These symptoms can be reduced with techniques like breathing. If you need reassurance please have a look at the article & please don’t Google them. If you Google a symptom you just find all illnesses that the particular symptom can be related too, not the answer to the question you need to ask. If yours isn’t on the list ask No Panic. Click on the picture to read the full article.

Don't Google Your Anxiety Symptoms Picture

When you feel so tense & can’t relax. Try This!

When you feel so tense and can’t relax with your normal methods due to anxiety, we have a method that may help. A physical muscle relaxation technique physically tires you out and relaxes you. This can be done to help you get to sleep as well as to help relax you. We suggest that you have someone read the exercise to you so it’s easier to use. Click the picture below to read more.


I’m new to Anxiety, Help!

Anxiety can be a big thing when your new to it, we’ve produced a guide to get you through the first steps. Working through the basic techniques and seeing your doctor for the first time and some of the first symptoms you may experience. Try not be be afraid it is all going to be alright. Click the Panic Button below to read more.

Beginner's Guide Panic Button


Share your story with complete anonymity.

Cathartic is a website where people can post their issues, worries and experiences without fear of judgement or the risk of your post being identified back to you. has been built with anonymity at its core; no personal details are stored, all IP’s are masked, even your cookie is destroyed as soon as the session is closed.

Anonymous communication can significantly benefit people who are feeling scared, anxious, depressed, lonely, embarrassed, stigmatised or bullied. Often people can be nervous or worried about discussing their issues and problems because of the stigma that is attached.