Mentor Service

Mentor Service (one to one) with a trained mentor who helps people with their anxiety problems, teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Recovery Groups

Recovery Groups for members with a trained group leader who teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Help Line

Our help line is answered by trained volunteers to give out information, show empathy and support for all anxiety sufferers. Helpline 0800 138 8889 (Everyday 10:00am - 10:00pm)

What people think of No Panic

We would like to thank the late Mrs. Marjorie Berger for the wonderful donation she left No Panic in her will. We are very grateful to her and with the money we will continue to do the good work that the Charity has done over the last 20 years.

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Member’s Benefits

Membership gives you access to our one to one and group support services, along with the option to join our contact book so you can make pen and phone friends. We send you out a bi-monthly newsletter with information and news. You can also access our member’s only coffee afternoons and have some social time with other members of No Panic over the phone.

We hope that you can find support, information and answers to many of your questions surrounding these disorders and, in time, make a full recovery like many of our members have.


Winner of the Guardian Charity of the Year Award


The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service


Member of the Help Lines Association


Sponsored by SpeakServe, who help us with their Telephone Conference Lines


Seeking Reassurance Research by Professor Paul Salkovskis & the University of Bath

Professor Paul Salkovskis  is doing research in to what seeking reassurance does to feelings of Anxiety. This study has full ethical approval from a NHS research ethics committee and thus will be completed under their strict guidelines. Meaning that information is Kept securely and is confidential. If you would like to participate in this study please visit the study page on the University of Bath’s Website for more details and a pack of information, questionnaires and consent forms.

Maverick Television’s Phobia Series

Maverick Television is creating a series about the effect and the road to recovery from phobias and are wanting to speak to people with a variety of phobias from a fear of dogs to water, crowds to birds. Maverick Television is conducting research for it’s series and is looking for members of the public who suffer with phobias to appear in the series and be assisted with their recovery. For more information please see this page: http://www.nopanic.org.uk/maverick-tv-phobias-program/ ‎.