Mentor Service

Mentor Service (one to one) with a trained mentor who helps people with their anxiety problems, teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Recovery Groups

Recovery Groups for members with a trained group leader who teaches Anxiety Management and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


Help Line

Our help line is answered by trained volunteers to give out information, show empathy and support for all anxiety sufferers. The service charge for this line is 5p which will be added to your phone company's access charge to get your price per minute.


Hi Everyone,

We wish everybody a Happy New Year. Anxiety can be hard to cope with especially after the holiday time when there is nothing to distract us. Instead of struggling with anxiety why not come along and try one of our Recovery Groups, or if you are not up to a group try the one to one Mentoring Service, and learn how to manage your anxiety. We work on CBT and this really works because when we learn to think differently our behaviour changes. The problem with anxiety is the mind struggles with what is reality or what is imagined. This includes the What If’s which is what we think of is going to happen rather than staying in the here and now . Don’t let anxiety dominate your life. Make a goal for the new year and put your name down for one of our services and let us help you work on your anxiety.

No Panic’s Youth Helpline is now open on 01753 840393. This helpline is for those aged 13 to 20 years old. It opens between 4pm and 6pm Monday to Friday. This was developed with the help of the Shropshire Young Health champions.

No Panic has a Live Chat service on our website. When the button in the bottom right is grey it’s offline. When it’s Yellow you can speak to someone. When it’s offline you can leave a message and we’ll email you back.

All you have to do is click the button, fill in a short form and then you can instant message with someone from No Panic. Normal opening times where an operator is available are below.

  • Between 6pm & 7pm each evening
  • Between 2pm & 4pm Wednesdays
  • Between 2pm & 4pm Thursdays

You can find No Panic on the Social Media sites below.

Twitter: @CharityNoPanic

Our Facebook Page we also respond to messages on this page.

Our Facebook Group, which is closed & moderated for user’s safety.

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Member’s Benefits

Membership gives you access to our one to one and group support services, along with the option to join our contact book so you can make pen and phone friends. We send you out a bi-monthly newsletter with information and news. You can also access our member’s only coffee afternoons and have some social time with other members of No Panic over the phone.

We hope that you can find support, information and answers to many of your questions surrounding these disorders and, in time, make a full recovery like many of our members have.


Winner of the Guardian Charity of the Year Award


The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service


Member of the Help Lines Association


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Colin Hammond MBE

This website is dedicated to the late Colin Hammond, founder of No Panic. Without Colin’s hard work the invaluable support of No Panic would not exist today.

Team Cactus Book Reasearch

Team Cactus are doing some research on anxiety and phobias. They are looking to speak to as many sufferers as possible. Please see our dedicated page on their research at

Family Mental Health TV Project

Fresh One Productions is developing a television documentary exploring the impact and effects of anxiety in young children and their family. The aim of this programme, which will be led by healthcare experts, will be to provide viewers with information and guidance on how to identify anxious behaviour in children, what help is available, and how to get the right help. From speaking to OCD charities, early detection is key in order to facilitate the most effective outcome for a child and their family. If you feel your family would be suitable for this programme please see the linked PDF document or below.

Nottingham Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Kav is doing an awareness campaign video through NCN College in Nottingham and would like to speak to 4 volunteers from the nottingham area about their experiences & how seeking help for their anxiety & panic has helped them. You would need to be willing to be on camera and visit the NCN building in Nottingham. Please Contact the No Panic office & speak to Mark or email to volunteer for the video.

Mashable Feature on Living with Phobias

Rachel from Mashable is writing a feature on living with phobias and or obsessive compulsive disorder. She was writing it with a particular focus on relationships. We are looking for a person that would be willing to talk to Rachel about their experiences of their life and relationships. Please get in touch with No Panic’s office on 01952 680460 to be put forward for the opportunity.

The Chrissy B Show – OCD Program

The Chrissy B show is looking for an OCD sufferer or a recovered OCD sufferer to take part in a show being filmed on Thursday 4th February in London. You would be on camera talking to the presenter about your OCD and journey towards recovery in the hopes of inspiring others to take the first steps as well. Please contact our publicity officer Lynne for more information.

Boundless Productions Documentary

Hello everyone.

I am currently researching the idea of a UK based TV programme following families as they try and resolve their anxiety disorders or phobias together and am hoping to speak to families where MORE than one family member suffers from a phobia or other anxiety disorder such as OCD/panic attacks or generalised anxiety. The idea would be that eventually we would film families as they tackle their issues with the help of various experts.

Please comment on here or email me on if you can help me.

There’s no obligation to take part in the final programme, if it happens, I’m just trying to learn as much as possible about different disorders at the moment.

Thank you,

Lizzie – Development Producer

Website and Newsletter Contributions

If you would like to contribute  your stories or poems to our newsletter or website please contact No Panic at Please also send any feedback to this email address.

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